Tulsa Criminal Attorneys Help Minors Deal with an Arrest

An arrest can have a significant impact on a person’s future, especially if the person is a minor. It’s important for minors to receive legal assistance if they are arrested to minimize the impact the charge could have on their future. The first step is going to be to let their parents know what has happened. From there, a lawyer will help them through the proceedings.

Preparing a Defense for the Charges

The lawyer is going to review what happened based on the police reports and the minor’s statements. They will discuss every detail with the minor to ensure they understand what actually occurred and why they were arrested. From there, the lawyer will help formulate a defense against the charges.

The defense used by the lawyer is going to depend on the charges, the situation that led to the charges, and more. The main goal will be to help the minor avoid a conviction, but this isn’t always possible. When a conviction is unavoidable, the lawyer will work to minimize the impact it will have on their future.

Minimizing the Impact of a Conviction

If the minor is convicted or there is a minimal chance of avoiding a conviction, the lawyer will work to minimize the impact of a conviction. This might mean working to have the charges lowered to a misdemeanor instead of a felony or convincing the judge to sentence them to probation instead of jail time so they can continue to attend school.

Expunging the Conviction If Possible

If the minor is convicted of a non-violent crime, they may be able to have their records expunged. This means it will no longer show up on background checks, so it will not inhibit their chances to obtain a job. This cannot be done before they have completed their sentence, but it can be done immediately after the sentence is complete in most cases for a minor. 

If you have been arrested and charged with a crime and you’re a minor, speak with your parents about what happened and contact one of the Tulsa criminal attorneys as soon as possible. They’re going to be able to help minimize the impact this could have on your future. 

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